June 25th...

is my birthday...and i love it. i've always been a birthday person. i'm pretty sure some day it will be a national holiday (if only in my mind).
when i was young i would sometimes share my birthday with a girl named Keri who had a bday on june 10th. we went to school together K-8 and i think we did the combo a few times. i remember a McDonalds train party back when they had the "special area" for kids parties and a roller skating party too. the odd thing was, we weren't really "good" friends. but whatever. i don't think i was ever upset i had to share a party.
every year my mom would ask what kind of cake i wanted and she'd make it. i've had rabbits, rainbows made out of jelly beans, a book and more. one year i went with a toal rainbow theme.

as i got older i started dancing. every year they have a 3 day (2 nites, 1 afternoon) recital with the day before and all day rehearsal. that was always on my birthday. the worst was when it was the rehearsal since we had to do all 3 shows in one long, hot day.

once i went to college and into the "real world" i always tried to relax on my day. if i was working i'd take the day off at least. the past few years we've gone to Vegas to hang out which i love doing. this year we took that trip at Christmas (my half bday for those of you keeping track haha). we'll be heading to Hawaii in september (and i can not wait!!), so i knew that would be a money crunch. BUT i have my bro coming down tomorrow to visit until tuesday so that's almost like a trip. it should be fun. he hasn't been down for a couple years. and we'll be eating lots of good food.


cyn said...

OMG... Happy Birthday!! Hope you had loads of fun & may all your wishes come true...

Strayer said...

I missed your birthday! Happy after birthday. Are the fires hitting you yet this year? What is your new job?

Head gasket symptom: water leaking at the joint between main body of engine and cylinder head (the gasket is inside that). At least that's what I got told when mine was failing on a mini pickup I had years ago. And the symptom that sometimes it will start, and sometimes it won't.

Call that Car Talk radio show and ask them. I think it is on Saturdays' on the air.