Rudy's Pizzeria, Bellingham WA...

we finally got to my favorite pizza place (click to see their website) in Bellingham this week. i was very excited when i was ordering, possibly scaring the cashier, but she was nice. N got 2 slices-cheese & veggie (made with no mushrooms), $2.50 each. i got their DELICIOUS white pizza, minus the basil leaves. we also got the breadsticks w/wine marinara sauce. i totally spazzed & ordered it without cheese. it had been so long, i thought that's how we'd gotten it in the past. i was wrong. i missed the cheese..but all the more for the next times!

anyone that comes to visit, i'd be more than happy to take you. it is SO MUCH better than the hippie-pretentious North Fork.

inside- they'd expanded on the left side since we left.

N's slices..so fresh

White Pizza..Mozzerlla, Ricotta, Romano & Olive Oil

breadsticks & sauce. they would have been smothered in cheese as well, if i'd ordered correctly :)

the white..burning my mouth with love.

they're buy-the-slice are as big as Sbarro or bigger.



Strayer said...

OMG! You are making me hungry. I make my own pizza quite often. Sometimes I just make a thin crust, and add olive oil, basil, sliced fresh tomatoes and mozzi cheese--your basic thin crust pizza and I love it.

HotFudgeNubbins said...

i crave it whenever i think about it. so good. it's one of the things i'm looking forward to having more often once i get a job & we move closer.