tree, lights, decorations 2012

tree went up last weekend :) i didn't have a topper, but found one this week at value village for 1.99. it's vintage also!

weezie in font of heater..enjoying lights glow

vintage star from value village

star bulbs are actually red

box for star

it was made in italy :)

what is christmas without a chinese restaurant?

The Lucky Dragon
side shot & entry

patio, the hanging lights swing back & forth

dragon on top

i feel like i'm glowing LoL


American Foodie in Gent said...

I LOVE the chinese restaurant!!! Your place looks great!

V said...


Strayer said...

So pretty and you are glowing in that photo! It's a great one! I've got to get my tree and lights up!

HotFudgeNubbins said...

thanks guys!! i wish you all could be here!
i do love christmas lights aka dorm lights :)

ab said...

beautiful pictures.
looks warm and inviting.
very cozy