Mariners vs Padres...our trip to San Diego

i was going to do a quick "week in review" post, but i couldn't remember the past week to much. so we'll skip ahead to our trip to Petco Park on thursday. we both had the day off. the M's were up 2-0 in the series and this was the last game. it was tied 3-3 by the end of the game, so off they went to overtime. and there the Padre's won. we may be the bad luck...maybe? we checked out the train prices last week and discovered we'd have to take the train then the light rail to the stadium. it would be over $100 and we'd be relying on schedules to get home (we'd get off the train in Irvine and get our car from the lot there). to many uncontrolables for me and pricey so it was cheaper to rent a car. N drove a kia spectra (shiny blood red) for the day. good mileage, lots of handy features for the riders but the handle didn't feel very safe on the road. too light for me i guess.

we started at Pedro's for breakfast.
N had the steak, egg & cheese burrito. also got the 3 pack rolled tacos to go
I had the egg & potato burrito (surprise). it was good (not as good as the potato taco) we ordered a side of salsa fresca so i took out about half the egg and added that in and it was delish!
N adding the Seahawks sticker to the rubbish bin.
we arrived at Petco Park in plenty of time for the game. N splurged and paid $15 garage parking so we were nice and close. easy in...easy out. i wasn't aware that the park is right by all the missions. we saw a lady just lift her dress right up and tuck it in her underwear...while yelling about something.
the view from our seats. the park is really clean.
this is a close-up of the fancy box seating in the olde time metal supply co. building next to the scoreboard.reminds me of the buildings downtown seattle. Safeco should have made something cool like that.

view of the outfield. there is a sand box out there and bleachers for kids. they also have a "grassy knoll" people play catch on & picnic on.

an usher really wanted to take a picture of us. so we let him. i've got my M's hat on (thanks D&C!). the big white thing in my hand is my seat cushion. it's gorilla taped in the corners due to wear. i bring it to all the games i go to. that way i don't complain about my butt hurting from sitting so long. no one harassed M's fans or was rude. the people were a lot like seattle folks. not scary like Anaheim or LA.

we got to see griffey start and play the whole game!!

i took a lot of close-up pictures. i'm so glad we got to see him play!

listen to the way i swiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!

gratuitous ichiro picture.


V said...

Love the pictures. They made me very hungry. :) Sounds like an awesome day...

Strayer said...

Looks like fun, HB. How do you stay so skinny eating burritos!

HB Livin' said...

haha strayer :)

i have a buritto a week maybe..basically i'mon the broke diet. seriously. for my work lunches i have a box of triscuits and a tub of cream chees for the whole week..it usually lats an extra day too. and at target it's less the 5 bucks!

when i want to splurge on dinner i do del taco cheeseburger & small fries (i put the fires in the burger and dip it in their secret white sauce) and the total cost is $3.01! i basically spend at the most 20 bucks a week on food. ned treats of course but i'm also not as hungry as much since my body isn't used to eating.
once the credit card is paid i'll be eating thai food every night! haha.