weekend eats...photo extravaganza!

first we made bread. Sweet Bread. i added in cinnamon and vanilla. here are the pictures:

fresh from bread oven
freshly released from bread pan
first slice of warm goodness

then on saturday i got drunken noodles (w/beef, no veggies) & 2 sides rice from my favorite thai restaurant-Thai Wave in downtown HB on main street. its deliciously spicy and always good.

beef drunken noodles w/white rice

then N came home from TJ's with my pickles & coffee, new syrup to try, chocolate bars and some strawberries. i later melted some chocolate chips to dip the berries in.

the berries were only $2! these pickles are the bomb!

then on sunday we made the SC run. first hitting up Pedro's for the bestest potato taco ever!! a couple bean,cheese & potato burritos to go and N's taquitos.

good ole Pedro's

then we went to Rasta Taco. it wasn't as good as the last visit. sadly they had some hyper-active girl working the register who couldn't take orders and ring people up at once. she was a also screamer which made it impossible for us to eat inside (since the 2 outside tables were taken). luckly they packaged our order up for to go, even though we had asked to eat-in. N's chicken taco was a disappointment from last visit. the first visit it was all white meat, this time...it was not. they also added on guac and cheese (wasn't ordered) on both his chicken taco and my shrimp. it was a bummer that the food quality wasn't as good as before. we will try them again. i only hope they have a competent employee to cover the front.

the front. it's on the corner of the block

a couple more shots of the doorway. it's nicely decorate. very simple and clean. could do with 1 or 2 more ourdoor tables for when they are busy and people want to sit and eat.

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