good news...

yesterday, on my walk to del taco for my $3 lunch i noticed a wonderful site. [brief history~we used to have a ralphs across the street. it was great! then they closed it down a couple years ago because a fancy, high-end one opened up about 3 miles down the street.] so since then, the big building has been empty. the donut shop and the other surrounding stores have all remained. N and i have often speculated about what would someday go in there. the property is way to centrally located to be empty for long.

yesterday i say the sign. now coming---Trader Joe's!! i'm so excited (and i just can't hide it). now i'll be able to go and shop with N since we can go right when they open or before close since it is right. across.the.street. i can't wait to take some pictures, and i will soon!

so i've got their corporate website bookmarked and i'm keeping an eye on the job page to see when they post about this store. how cool would that be? if i was paid to deal with the people i could handle that, plus i was a cashier (in the contractors lane even) at Home Depot for many months before going to atomfilms.

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V said...

Oh that would be awesome if you could work right across the street! You won't need your car..