if you could see me now...[insert song]

you'd laff hysterically at me...

i wear white scrubs everyday to appear professional. stupidly i didn't buy the special soap the uniform place sold. they're going to be beigey-gray soon. i put it on right after i park in the morning, take it off at lunch and before i drive home. it's going to get stained so soon.

there are 2 guys :1 stable guy--wife, kid and such & 1 moron guy--needs to get laid but plays video games whenever he has free time [but i will crush him]. a girl from friggin' WA of course. she said seattle but when i called her out [asked for specifics] it was really silverdale (by bremerton and the islands!) OMG her iranian boyfriend dumped her yesterday, she moved her shit out last nite and staying with her mom up north now. such drama i don't care about. those 3 are 24-26 years of age. i suddenly feel so old, or is it just more mature...yeah right. the lady that hired me (the accountant) i haven't seen her yet. she left for hawaii today for a week..very odd and 86 yro rose,my boss who's there everyday and still drives (scary)

but my drive is super awesome and i get to leave my house at 8:20 and get home about 6:15 - my hours are 8:45-6pm or longer if there are customers still there like on my first day i left at 6:50! kinda rough. so there will be some stories to tell i'm sure.

thanks for the positive comments! i hope this works out..at least for a little while so i can pay off hawaii and the car repairs. ugh

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