the end of summer vacation...

it's that time. time for me to go back to work. (no, i'm not a teacher but i enjoy taking mini-sabbaticals between jobs) i'm still trying to figure out how to take advantage of pregnancy leave w/o actually having a child or 4. it's pretty frustrating to those of us that don't choose to have children that benefits aren't the same. same goes for guys now days too. N would love a couple months off too.

i digress. tomorrow i begin my new job. i hope it goes well and it's a nice place. i went out to get scrubs this weekend. those are pricey and no-fun if you can only wear white (like me). today i've got to pick up some white undershirts so i'm not completely see-through. i hope i don't stain them this week! i only have 2 tops and 2 bottoms right now. they pay for your first 2 outfits then i get some sort of clothing allowance apparently. there are so many pretty scrubs but i'm stuck in white. maybe that makes us look "cleaner". haha

so hopefully tonite i'll sleep ok. it's a new work schedule and i won't get home until about 6:30. N's never been the first one home so he's scared (excited!). now i'll expect dinner on the table for me. not that i ever did that. here we're every person eats for themselves since i'm super picky and N loves things i can't stand. it works well for us since our own leftovers are our own.

i don't think i'll have a computer at the new job. i re-read the posting and it's for an assistant so i hope i don't have to work in the store all the time. we'll see how to work it. on the upside i'll be across the street from a mall that has a SBARRO!! once i start getting paychecks, i'm all about gaining 10 pounds of cheese and pizza dough. HAH

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Can't wait to hear about the first day!