writing assignment...

so i heard back from the interview and they want me to write a proposal letter to a company that we would possibly work with. all this for a part time job. so i wrote it. i'm not to worried about it since i'm not super familiar with the company in the first place, it's a part-time job, and i feel like i'm being used in some way since they haven't even told me what the position would even be!

oh then they aske what kind of pay i was looking for since they're on a tight budget. scary...

if i don't get it i've decided to talk to my old lady boss and tell her i need to adjust my schedule. no more 6 day work weeks, if i work on saturday i'll be off a day during the week and to cut down my hours to 9-4 with a 1/2 lunch instead of an hour. i doubt she'd say no..or what..i quit and she starts crying about it. geezzzz

n's parents are coming down for a week during thanksgiving. i'm really excited since it's been a couple years since i've seen them. it's nice they'll be able to relax down here to and it won't be a quit hi/bye trip. and this year C won't have to cook for turkey day! if ab & uj are down we'll probably go up there for t-day but if not have it down here.

fingers crossed i win the football pool this week.

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