no orders..

came into work all last week! it's so bizarre. i don't get how these guys think the company will survive without orders. my and my boss lady are both a little worried. her because she makes good money there and doesn't want to have to job hunt and me because i've like to be full-time and get health insurance of course. fingers crossed it'll pick up after the year ends. i'm not sure how long the "angel investor" in texas will want to keep paying for these guys to buy new office furniture and computers.
but the job itself is ok so far.

N's parents are in town now. they'll be here until friday after turkey day. yesterday we took them to downtown orange. there are tons of antique stores and we only made it down 1 complete block. N and i will probably go back soon. i found some cool, old school, McD's happy meals transformer toys. they weren't just transformers...but McD's character transformers-like a big mac, fries, shake, chicken mc nuggets, hotcakes and a couple others. i was hoping for she-ra toys, but no luck on this visit.

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