i got a new muffler for the car this week. wasn't going to but..

my aunt had about 1.5 tons of magazines for me saved up. so on turkey day she had them ready. of course i already have a giant emergency kit in the trunk and 2 extra people riding along. it was ok, but i was tense the ride home (odd). as we went over the very last obstacle--this giant speed bump in the parking lot it happened. BANG down went the back end. (i wasn't driving) so since N was driving he got the pleasure of buying the new one. fortunately there's a guy that fixes the work trucks at his job so it was done on tuesday.

i didn't drive my car the rest of the weekend so on monday when i started it and it sounded like a race car with no muffler...i freaked out a little. it's like i know when somethings going to happen, but for some reason i don't know how to stop it from happened or exactly what the cause would be.

N has high cholesterol. so that means diet and exercise before they try to put him on pills. no more dairy :( it's kinda scary for him but i'm glad he found out now so he can get it handled while he's younger...heck i'm sure there's a ton wrong with me but living in no-medical ignorance is bliss...i guess.

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