Heckler...the movie

i was going to start this out with a nice picture of the movie cover..but after goggling google images for "heckler" the first page was full off....guess...it's pretty funny considering what the movie itself was about... alright, here it is:

GUNS! -- to the "review"

the best movie i've seen Jamie Kennedy in. he is also the producer. the old adage "sticks & stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me" is what the movie was loosely based on.

jamie interviews comedians, actors, critics,producers,directors and hecklers from shows he's down. the movie flows really well. it made me think about the way i interact with people on a daily basis. i've always loved going to comedy shows and i've always hated the folks in the crowd that heckle. they interrupt the flow of the comedian and make everyone else uncomfortable. when the spotlight is turned on them, they of course can't handle it.
i wish we hadn't sent it back to netflix so i could watch it again...bummer.

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