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job front:
haven't gotten paid yet for the past 2 weeks. supposedly the 2 dummies have renegotiated with the "angel investor" in TX. the angel will transfer our payroll $$ over in the next week. i should be paid about wednesday if i'm lucky...not feeling comfortable for me at all!

on another note:
my boss lady has her 2nd interview for a position at a new place. she is adamant i pray for her (she literally begged me all day to pray for her) as opposed to praying for myself. another crazy female who is self absorbed but tries to not act self absorbed. sad...really but she lets her 2 30+ yro kids live with her still and not pay their share ect...you bring on to yourself your own problems.
people are strange....
i'm just want my job to be secure so i can be full time and get back to being able to pay bills off, get teeth fixed & donate to my causes.

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