my first time...

at a job fair was today.

i woke up not feeling to good but got my Sh!* together a little late and got in gear.
after paying 16 bucks to park at the hotel (there was no other "Free" parking nearby and i wasn't trying to walk a mile sweating). i went in and found my way to the ballroom for the fair. there were about 5-6 companies there! that's it. and about 2200 people (my guess) but it was full.

i stood in a line for AAA for an hour just to get about 30 seconds of face time with a haggard looking lady and gave her my resume. she gave me a seat of jobs they have available and directions to their website!! i've been there before. i can do that from home.

then i managed 1 other "interview" with Edison. the man was nicer (it was close to the end so i'm sure he was happy about that). unfortunately they are hiring for office people now. mostly specialized people to help them be greener.

so i went home and did my CL job searching. sent my resume off to 5 more places from there. more than i did all morning.
it's just hard nowadays.

side note...whats up with blogger comments lately? when i got on other blogs to comment about 3 screens pop up now instead of the little box they used to. i guess i should blame it on the recession. hahahah

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Anonymous said...

never went to a job fair before.
maybe something will matialize from them.