Livenation vs TICKETMASTER

so, i'm bummed/pissed and what better thing to do then blog about it.

i thought live nation was supposed to be better about the fees then ticketmaster (i know they have now merged which isn't good it seems). i got a password from offspring to buy presale tickets for their show in irvine. N was going to get them for me for my bday. i logged on all ready to go. decided on the terrace seating for $29.50 each. i knew there will be fees, but this is what i got:

Ticket: $29.50
Parking Charge (on EACH ticket): $6.00
Ticket Fee: $12.50

so 2 tickets would have cost us about 96 bucks!! for 30 dollar seats..this is with the free mail delivery. i said no. that's too much right now to waste on fees and parking [which the venue showed charging 8 bucks a car] we'd be paying an extra $4--and some people take the bus or get dropped off but are still charged it. LAME

Offspring, i'm pretty disappointed in your choice of ticketers. Pearl Jam & other bands find ways around the BS fees for their fans. i've seen dexter & the boys twice already and really wanted N to see them since they do an awesome show--but not $100 awesome when i can't get a interview callback. i was even planning to make a Gringo Bandito shirt to wear.

bummer..lame birthday. thanks for the letdown guys. no wonder less and less people are going to concerts this year..when will the bands get that it's not the price of tickets we don't agree wiith, it's all the extra costs.


ab said...

that is outragious the extras tabbed on to those tickets. Msybe they will choose another vendor for their next concert to cut down on ectra fees!!!

HB Livin' said...

i know!! it was really high..most then the cost of another ticket face value.

they live down here so it would be nice if they did something for the local fans maybe at a smaller venue. that'd be sweet :)

i'm glad the comments are working now.

V said...

Yeah, I just bought tickets to see the Killers and same deal. I paid it though like an idiot. It's a horrible scam if you ask me. I don't even think you can go to the venue anymore to buy your tickets... I should check on that though...

HB Livin' said...

you are a better consumer than I V :)