Mr's P's Coffee....in HB

we are always on the look-out for a local coffee place to go to instead of star$$. growing up in seattle, we both have had our far share of burnt star$$ when there have been no alternatives. i do miss the tully's, sbc, torrefazione & crusin' coffee. N was scoping this storefront out for a few months before the coffee shop opened. it is located on atlanta/beach in the las barcas/big lots "mall".
Mr. P's reminds me a lot of caffe ladro or the coffee bean in WS. the guy that works there is friendly and treats everyone nicely. no snotty coffee airs there which i've gotten from other places down here (not star$$ though, they're pretty nice). he's got a bunch of pictures of famous people with autographs on the walls (including monk & fraiser :)). he makes the coffee the slow way with perfect creme. the inside seating is set up bar style in front of the beautiful, shinny espresso machines. N said the 1 bathroom was very clean and pleasant. they also have a punch card & sell fancy coffee beans too.

N's been hitting it up about once a weekend for a treat and every time has been pleased. i've been laying off coffee a bit, but mine was excellent too. here's a great way to support local economy.
here or some pictures. i'll try to get some on the inside next. sometimes i just feel wierd doing it b/c theyn they sometimes want to know where it'll be posted of course. if i wrote a foodie blog i wouldn't mind.

the front door with the happy chef man holding it open ..don't worry..he's not real
the other side of the door...the green sticker says "friends don't let friends drink star$$"

they have custom sleeves to slip over white cups & black lids..very classic and clean. i'm not a fan of "busy" cups..spend the money on better beans or something.

the funny back of the warmer sleeve.

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