credit card overhaul...what you might not know...

wasn't sure if you were aware...but there was an amendment that was "snuck" into the measures for the credit card companies.

the previous administration policy of allowing a range of loaded firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges [as long as they are allowed by federal, state,local laws] has now been restored. thanks to thoughtful republicans who knew if the democrats voted the measure down because of gun control, the repubs. could spin that to say dems love credit card companies.

apparently a lot people out there are terrified of going camping or hiking without loaded firearms for "protection" against all those wild animals we constantly hear reports of attacking people. all i see it as an ok for unlawful folks to continue operations [whatever those may be], while having their guns. why again would you need a loaded gun at a wildlife refuge? i thought those were "protected" areas.


Strayer said...

Unfortunately, camping, at least in Oregon, goes along with heavy drinking. Mix heavy drinking and guns and that equals dead people.

It's gotten so bad in some areas some people won't camp there anymore with families. I haven't figured out why heavy drinkers go camping to just heavily drink elsewhere. Why can't they just stay home and drink heavily, not go to some wishfully quiet campground to drink, litter, roar around in loud machines, yell obscenities and shoot guns? Why>

HB Livin' said...

i know exactly what you mean. it's not safe for even couples sometimes.
that's too bad about having to close your comments for a while. people are so wierd!

V said...

That is so sneaky and wrong. It's annoying that they are even allowed to put amendments in that have nothing to do with the issue on the table.