Christmas in October..It's Voting Time!!!

we got our ballots in the mail this weekend, 2 days after the voters guide.

VOTE BOB BURR for City Council!!!!

we watched a debate that Burr & Murphy participated in on the local public access channel. sure, they both agree on the basics; as both are democrats.

Burr cited specific changes he wants to make in Bellingham. He addressed, the lack of living wages & that without those, economic growth is hard to achieve. He voiced his opinion on the Coal Train---NO!! His answers showed knowledge & experience of the Bellingham issues & how those might be helped. He has no multitude of special group endorsements with their conflicting visions of what they want Bellingham to be.

Murphy gave her same vague, high school election type answers which worked in Tacoma, but Bellingham isn't Tacoma. [I was downtown Tacoma a month ago & it was scary & deserted. Some antiques shops are trying, but mostly aggressive panhandling & I didn't feel a sense of community in the store owners. I DON"T want this to happen in downtown Bellingham. Downtown may be small, but it's homey to me.] She didn't make any connections to Bellingham in her answers on the TV debate..just shaky babble about social services, business zoning, being a Nooksack Tribe member & outdoor space??? huh?
there's a COAL TRAIN about to rumble through Whatcom County & she can't give her real opinion about it due to the plethora of endorsements she has from over 15 special interest associations in Bellingham. How will she please them all? They can't ALL want the exact same things...I've NEVER heard her give a real opinion on any Bellingham issue.

Women, please don't vote for a women because she's a women.
Vote for the candidate that will strive to keep your town clear of coal noise, pollution & train track waiting time! VOTE Bob Burr!!!!!


Strayer said...

I dislike politicians who talk like politicians. Hope your guy wins! You should run, Kate. You would be great!

HotFudgeNubbins said...

i've thought about it but it's so slimey & i'm not a kiss-ass :)

Strayer said...

Kiss ass is a mandatory political candidate trait. If you can't kiss ass, best not to become a politician. I know you well enough to know you don't kiss ass well.