i know, i owe, it's off to post i go...

i haven't been on vacation. [i wish] our Internet didn't go down.

i found out last sunday my gpa passed away. he was a great person who lived into his 90's. there was no sign of anything wrong until saturday when things weren't normal so the people at the house he lived in called 911. a massive infection had taken over his body without an obvious outward signs. he passed away on sunday. they said it was fast and painless and i hope that was true.

i know he's up in heaven lawn bowling, or hanging out with all his friends and brother, or maybe tinkering [a word he used] in god's workshop. there is a memorial celebration on monday [tomorrow] my mom is putting on in seattle. we won't be going up due to work conflicts for me. it's ok though. i know he knows how i feel and he won't be upset.

so this week has been low-profile. work still has me slammed and i think they will continue to do so until my head explodes. i really need health insurance though since the cyst on my upper right shoulder is getting bigger and more painful at times. today we may be having dinner with J&B. i'm planning sloppy joe's.

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