today we tried strawberrys...

the festival, that is, in Garden Grove.

we should have known better. not gotten our hopes up after the avocado festival experience. but our hopes were high as we headed north about 2pm today. it's an easy drive, straight up brookhurst. took about 30 minutes due to traffic and lights. we found a free place to park again so that was a coup. then we went in.

we went in through the midway area. there were a bunch of sketchy rides. cruised through there fast with the intention of checking the booths and looking for some yummy food. there were quite a bit more stands then the avocado festival. unfortunately, our wood bowl booth wasn't there and i was hoping to see them so i could get a bowl for myself. N did pull into a oven-cooked popcorn booth. i waited across the walkway. [basically, i didn't want to get a sample, since then i knew i'd probably buy some ] he was there for a little while so i relented and went across...and tried some...and bought us each a bag. mine is cinnamon crunch and N's in a mix of chocolate, carmel [really good] and butter. we were always looking around for strawberry funnel cakes and the food row, but never found one. they had the food stands in the midway section and they weren't anything special. the avocado did have way better choices for yummy eating. one booth was selling the strawberry shortcake which didn't look special at all and way to much money. we didn't see strawberry displays, booths, contests, art or any for sale, which was odd.

strawberry festival: better booths of stuff for sale
avocado festival: better food booths

verdict: only fair we will find acceptable is going to be the OC Fair [we've been a few times before]. they've got food, art stuff, animals, rides, and better sale booths with more variety. good thing that is the closest fair to us...about 10 minutes up the street.

tomorrow we plan to be at J&S's brite & early on a sunday @9:30 am to go to Dim Sum. we're going to the place N & I always go. J's never been before and S's had it a few times [not to the place we go though]. i hope they like the restraint and the food is good.

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V said...

No strawberry stuff at the strawberry festival? LOL! That's odd.