yeah! weekend...

the week is OVER

friday was pretty nuts to but i survived & haven't gotten a headache yet. my boss is back on monday so things should settle a lot. she'll be taking care of the CEO & my buffer to other people giving me work. she's cool so it should be ok. hopefully everyone was dully impressed with my work. the one time i put my head down on my wrist pad for a quick rest, i was caught by the CEO. he was nice and asked if my head was hurting. it's nice to see they remember i get those.

now we're going to chill. maybe go to sonic today and stuff ourselves silly. we haven't been for a long time, since they messed up our orders pretty bad. we also aren't sure what the tip situation is there. i mean they do bring it to you so i'd like to tip a buck or two but i'm not sure the "right" way to do it. especially if i'm paying with a CC.

N is going to trek to our small local goodwill for some new work pants. that's usually where he gets them or back at mervyns in the day.

hope your weekend is chill!

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Ari and Shane said...

Love reading about you and all the happenings! Give Ned our love and we need to plan a time to see you guys in Cali sometime in the near future.