3.1..felt more like 5.0 ...EaRtHquAke...in Hawthorne, CA!

we totally felt it!! weezie is still under the bed. i grabbed hooka and N headed for the door frame. now i don't know if i should get the kits out and put the cats in the carrier. hookas chillin on the bed with me. i'm trying to call J but the cell phone is down. i'm glad my aunt is out of wh! i hope there aren't anymore for a while. these freak teh fuck outta me! can't predict them.

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5.0 - local magnitude (Ml)
Sunday, May 17, 2009 at 8:39:36 PM (PDT)Monday, May 18, 2009 at 3:39:36 (UTC)
Distance from
Hawthorne, CA - 3 km (2 miles) NNE (24 degrees)Inglewood, CA - 3 km (2 miles) SSW (209 degrees)El Segundo, CA - 6 km (4 miles) ENE (64 degrees)Los Angeles Civic Center, CA - 15 km (10 miles) SSW (213 degrees)
33 deg. 56.4 min. N (33.940N), 118 deg. 20.3 min. W (118.338W)
13.5 km (8.4 miles)

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j said...

The Disney fireworks started around 9:30 and scared the crap out of me again...I'm a little jumpy I guess. I keep feeling phantom earthquakes:)