the cake is sooooo good!!!

J decorated for me when I came up on thursday to watch little B while she went to class. she threatened to skip but i said no way. only a few weeks left of the class & if a real emergency came up she needed to save it for that.
behind the shutters is their deck with a super view of downtown HB and the coast since they're up on the hill.the CAKE! it was lemon, with a lemon curd (mixed with whip cream) & raspberry layer in the middle topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. it is sooo good. the lemon curd & raspberries are so good together.

blowing out my 29th birthday candle.

the inside layer...notice the whole raspberries in the middle.
a slice.
it was really great of J to make such an awesome cake. i also got my annual haircut (by professional) gift cert. with a bonus this year of a foil! a real foil. i can't remember how long it's been since i've done that.
i got a bunch of awesome cards--thanks D&C! who also got me the newest (first edition) Anita Blake book & old navy gift cert. (yes finally work clothes that will fit me!). a giant bathroom book from V, a bunch of fun stuff from N and nothing beats $$ from AB. :)


ab said...

the cake looks awesome!!! Yumm
sounds like you had a good birthday. even b got to celebrate with you.

V said...

what a yummy looking cake! Now I am hungry.

29th? LOL...