"cat" She-Ra tent & haircut...

after i took the pictures of the tent, i couldn't find weezie and guess where she was.

soon her highness, miss hooka, followed her lead. she likes to sleep in the opening. i moved in their blue cat cube and scratch thing. hooka loves to scratch the carpet under the scratch box. weezie has it down, but alas has no front claws.
and then there were 2.

my hair before getting it cut. i hadn't had a cut in a year. the orangeness is from the dye job we tried a couple months ago.

after--much shorter but still long enough for a pony tail.

the highlights. it was hard to get a good shot with the flash w/o to much glare. notice the hooka tail to my left. the foil looks even better in "real life". the front is great.

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V said...

Love the hair cut! Ah, the kitties look like they are enjoying the tent. That is great!