latest ebay buy...

my she-ra tent! i didn't have this growing up. i didn't even know about it. i found this on ebay and won it. just needed a good wipe down with a damp washcloth and air out. B came over yesterday and had fun in it. the cats are still absorbing the giant cat tent.

the front door...you can see through to the back plastic window.

side shot. both sides are the same image. the colors are still so birght. it doesn't seem like it was hardly used and never in the sun. lucky me!

the back of the tent. the clear plastic window is great for watching cats sneaking up.

i had my review this week and it went well. i don't know what my raise is yet. my boss is waiting until the head boss is in a good mood for him to review it. he makes all the decisions. i know he was super busy this week. it will be retro-active so i'm not worried. my health/dental insurance will start august! i have a call with the lady on monday to go over all the paperwork. work has still been busy and i'm getting more and more tasks (as they love to call them there). i've never worked at a place that loved outlook tasks so much. it's pretty funny but i don't mind learning a new procedure.

i still need to take pictures of my haircut and foli from last week. it turned out fantastic! julie is awesome. only about 3.5 hours to cut and partial foil which was all i needed to get the wonderful orange out. those will come this week. i promise!

Jabba the Hooka

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V said...

Awesome! Love the jabba pic... how cute.