Jung & Keirsey finally explain me...

i've taken personality tests before, but it was long time ago... i probably wasn't as honest on them as i am now. one of my favorite bloggers (crazy aunt purl www.crazyauntpurl.com) did a post about doing one at her work which totally made me want to do mine (& N's of course).

here's the free test link i used for the Jung test. it's very easy (yes/no questions) shouldn't be too hard. the trick is to be honest about who you are instead of picking what you think you should based on others. it's very easy to be honest with this since it's just you & the computer.


the fun part is when you're done it says what you are. you can go to the Keirsey site to get more details. there is also a direct link from your Jung result page. the results were freakishly pretty on point--N's too. V even agreed :) it gives tips for the workplace and of course love combinations. not to worry- I, as a Rational Mastermind, & N, as an Idealist Counselor, are an amazingly good match & both extremely rare. it's fun to see it in our personality tests too.


i'm INTJ - which explains a lot of my planning obsession and low tolerance for inefficient people or things. if only i could figure out how to do something i love & make a good living at.

N's a INFJ- why better with people. hence he usually does the grocery shopping for us.

feel free to leave a comment if you took the test and want to share :)


V said...

Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging

Boring! And oh so common. HAHHA! But we make the world go round... :)

diana said...

I'm an ESTJ. This Jung person, what credentials do they have? I must say he/she was on target with my personality type.