quick news update...

the horrid "people that live below us" are moving out!! the office lady left me a message yesterday since i had called about 1am on monday morning. they should be out on the 31st of October. fingers are crossed. they better not take advantage these last couple weeks.

we may be getting a new cat friend. he's on the cat eyes site now. his name is Tim and he had to have a back leg removed. Strayer found & saved him & with the help of AWESOME supporters from all over donations were made to the vet so he could have his surgery. since we've got 2 great indoor cats, a third man would be nice. the girls need a guy too--they loved meeko.

so the hard part? how to get tim to us? we can of course drive up to LA but the grapevine and northwards aren't possible with our cars at this time. overheating or plain old breaking would happen. any ideas on how to get him from Albany OR to LA? i know he needs some time to re-coup after the operation, but we'd love to have him as soon as he's ready.

oh--our fridge...the 3rd one in 3 weeks is still working! progress

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Strayer said...

Heeeee's coming!