lazy weekend...

Hooka sitting on the football pool picks...she seriously poses for this.

after another week of trying to get a working fridge, we chilled this weekend.

2 weeks ago we got a "new, used" fridge to replace the old one. then this week i noticed it wasn't working either. 40 bucks more worth of food wasted - including 2 balls of lucci pizza dough! we called the office again on thursday morning. they replaced it again that day. it works..so far. they also didn't give us back one of the drawers for it. kinda lame since it's small anyway. i haven't yet decided when to battle for that.

yesterday we did nothing but catch up on netflix & get fatburger. N got the turkeyburger (for his health), liked it. we split the fat fries. i LOVE, LOVE the single w/cheese, no lettuce. mmm

we attempted to go to the new sonic in mission viejo on friday nite. that turned into an adventure. by the time we got there, we saw it's set-up badly. there's a Drive-Thru! - for one thing. that line & the line to park & order are the SAME line. so you get stuck behind either a drive-thru or a waiter. it was really small too. we'll definitely only go to the one on Lemon from now on. then we attempted in-and-out but remembered in the parking lot we were low on cash. douh!

so we ended up at Norms on harbor. thank goodness!! never been before, but it was a nice experience. the waitress was a great, older lady who treated us like her grand kids. she was super efficient - my pepsi was never half-empty! the food was what we expected. their caesar was nice & simple. exactly how i like it. the lettuce was fresh. dinner was only $30, but i left 11 for the tip. we'll definitely go back again.

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