EZ way to Hem pants....

being short, but not short (5'5"), most pants are to long. petites are too short, regulars are too long. options:
cutting the legs & using staples -black marker to cover the shine (most cost-effective but not most professional).
pay a dry cleaner to do it (can't imagine spending on that).
get a sewing machine and learn how (another expensive fix)

my mom always did it when i was younger. usually my uncle would do the official pinning while we stood on the chair. he had a good eye for straight lines. i googled to figure out the ez way without a sewing machine or paying for it.

here it is:

supplies i used. iron was $6 at walmart & heat n bond about $2the long pants. N helped pin.
turn pants inside out. then threading the heat-n-bond into the cuffs
close-up. takes a little patience & back does get sore (unless you don't hunch over to do it like i did).
pants with heat-n-bond fully pinned in. i would recommend straight pins instead of the ones i got with the tops--they look cool but aren't as easy.ironing the tape. about 5 sec in a spot. i did the inside and outside of the legs.
the finale. looking good!
second pair of pants...long
second pair done!

all that's left will be to wash and see how well it holds up. i actually thought about painting my toenails before the photo shoot....but it was fleeting.

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