Tim is here..and my bro is 32!

many many years ago, i got pepper.

yesterday, we meet J at the airport with no problems. their flight got in 30 minutes early so we had a little more time to hang out before going back.

we got to our place & out tim came. a flight attendant on the plane was a cat lover & upgraded J to first class, since there was room. how cool! after meeting tim & hearing the story about his life & new house, she gave J a bottle of wine to give us. merlot from washington no less. she lives down here in santa ana. i've never been in first class other than walking through to find my row.

we made sandwiches to take down to the beach. i took J down to the pier while N stayed home with the cats. it was nice, sunny & not to windy. she got a chance to go in the water and see some surfers.

after having a couple of N's homemade chocolate cookies we were back to the airport. her connection in seattle got in early & the flight to portland made it just fine. tim slept on the bed with us, weezie was pouting underneath & hooka was on the bench in the bedroom. weezie just likes to hiss a bit, but she's all talk. tim is so easygoing - total lap cat! he ignores weezie. i'll post more later this week with pictures!

thank you again J!! we love him.


Strayer said...

Glad Tim is settling in so well. Was wonderful to meet both of you!

HB Livin' said...

you too! we had a great day. and maybe sometime again...after seeing how easy a day trip was. :)