catch up...lots 'o pictures below...

living room before.
computer / cat area. the cats LOVE the mirror on the floor and take turns sitting in front of it. so catty. can you find a tim head?
N waving in TV & book corner. he's standing in front of the chest my gpas family traveled from Italy with ti the US in the early 1900's. he'd put in shelves to hold his liquor & now we're using it for our nice books..the tv is sitting on my gmas cedar chest. (never really met her as she died when i was a baby) it's nice having a couple heirloom things.view of kitchen looking into living room
kitchen hallway to bedroom..there's a hooka cat!view out of kitchen in hallway. patio outsideempty bedroom...ugg
bedroom after :) much better!
bed. closet is right behind the wall...kind of can see the sink area
before of the "hallway" in bedroom. closet is to the right & bathroom to the lefttiny bathroom (off to the left) before
bathroom with stuff
walk-in closet (to the right) before
closet full


Anonymous said...

looks like a great place. muh bigger than your old place.


eewyuck said...

WOW-what a great looking place! Love the tiles in the counter top!

Take care,

V said...

Wow! I love it! It looks fantastic! I bet you both had a blast setting it all up.

Strayer said...

Looks like a great place, Kate! Happy Birthday to N!