today is the worst day of the year...aka i hate this day

the day after we set our clocks ahead is the worst day for me of the year. i know it's only an hour, which almost makes it worse that it's such a small amount of time to be upset over.

i wish i lived in Arizona or Hawaii (that's usually true) since they don't have to do the back & forth jibber jabber. luckies!! so today sucks. i feel super tired like i'm sure most folks do. of course being out of it with a headache yesterday doesn't help the situation.

after work we get to go hang with B. that will be fun! i hope this week goes fast!

tomorrow mole removed..next sunday VEGAS!!


V said...

OH GOOD! Someone else who was totally zonked out by only an hour! I thought I was the only one and was feeling like a weeny!

ab said...

Have fun in Vegas!!