catching up...

work has been insane!! one girl quit so her workload was divided between me & another. needless to say i left early on thursday after working 8 straight hours & a 30 min early on friday approved by my boss due to all the work i'd been doing. sure it's nice to leave early, but it just puts me behind the next day which these folks don't get BECAUSE they don't have that much work to ever do.

i do a lot of back-up for everyone else without anyone offering to help me. i guess it's ok since if someone did offer, the intelligent level at this place would cause me to have to "train" them for way to long when i can do it my self...plus i'd still have to check all he other work & correct it so i might as well do it in the first place. arrgg

good news--J's baby is coming next week!
M&E are back!! we got to hang with them yesterday & it was like they'd never really left. :) i'm not sure if we paused for any air during the convo.

Happy Mother's/Aunt Day!

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Anonymous said...

We had such a good time with you guys the other night! So glad to be back in the land of good friends. Our crate (thankfully!) arrives tomorrow, so we will have to have you guys over soon. :)

E & M