happy 6 month anniversary TIM the Scamperman!!

the day we go you--halloween was great! Jody brought you down tim. we got to meet Jody face to face for the first time & enjoy a brief R&R. you came with Jody traveling in first class! thanks to a cat lover flight attendan. she even said it was ok for you to get out of the carrier & explore. how cool are you!

you fit in great with our family [even though weezie may disagree every now & again]. you've been getting bigger & bigger and your fur is almost all grown back. the scampering you do makes us laugh & entertains hooka too. we're so happy you're a part of our lives. you special little scamperman tim!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Tim!!!

Strayer said...

Has it already been six months? He looks so good! Thank you again and again for adding Tim to your home and family!

HB Livin' said...

we are the lucky ones! we love him so much. just this moring his was chasing his ball all over. he's so sweet!!