trailer park boys kickAsS!

trolling on netflix lately i came across this series from our HIgh-larious neighbors to the north. like my much loved Corner Gas series, i've become addicted to the Trailer Park Boys. there are 7 seasons & 2 full length movies. we watched the movies first and are on season 3 now.

it's about 3 best friends who live in a trailer park in nova scotia, canada. they're only really good at robbing places & growing weed (but usually end up busted). the park is "managed" by a crazy drunk guy lahey & his shirtless sidekick randy who are also trying to bust the boys.

jim & randy

ricky on the right barely finished grade 9 & lives in a car loaned by julian. bubbles in the middle takes care of all the cats in the park. he lives in a shed & loves his freedom. he calls the cats "free-range" kitties. juilian on the left is the "smart one" though really they're all pretty equal on the IQ level, just in different areas. julian likes to try to come up legit ways to make money that never quite work out right.
ricky driving his car/house with the boys. julian always has a rum & coke, but it doesn't' seem to me like any type of copy of big lebowski...it just fits his character also. ricky's always bumming smokes, eating pepperoni & smoking weed. bubbles tries to keep everyone together and somewhat out of trouble.
bubbles & a kitty

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