in the still of the nite...

the smoke alarm beeps thrice.

i'd just turned off the tv & was getting adjusted to the quietness here when the beeps sounded. N awoke with a start. i let him know what i thought was going on. we hadn't heard it at all before, so maybe it would wait until morning?  about 12:52 it went off again. i had already moved a chair in preparation for moving the table which would be high enough for me to stand on and get the battery out...if it happened again.

it did, N jumped up & i had him help me move the table. jumped up, took out the battery, tested it on my tongue & it was just about dead...hardly a shock at all. so it made sense, but wasn't fun. right after that was settled, our neighbors on one side showed up for the first time. check in at 1 AM. i bet they weren't having the best nite.

i awoke at 5am to millions of birds chirping with light streaming through the drapes. that wasn't too bad once i settled into it...until the bikers ( harley & crotch rocket type) decided to leave...at 615 AM. after warming their bikes outside the door for 20 minutes..yes i was watching the clock because i really wanted to go back to sleep. so we're up and getting ready.

a couple quick pics of my other man from last weekend when J came down for a minute.

a blur of speed
waving early
my attempt at baby art picture haha
dont'cha just wanna smush his face..such a holmes!!

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