J&S's new pad across the sea..

 must admit a wee bit o'envy of the mad european new apartment they will be renting in ghent.

after we found out they got the place, i went online & downloaded the pictures they had of the listing. i can't wait to see the video S took of it to get a better feel for layout. now we'll have the before pictures already done so J can post the after when she's there. i got the ok to post the before from her sine i went online & downloaded them before they removed the listing :)

today she took monkey to the vet for his shots for his flight to WA with them next week. everything checked out A-OK yeah monks! he will be living with J's mom & dad in anacortes for the next couple years. we are super excited for him. i know he will  be spoiled beyond belief by some great animal people. we'll miss him but it's the kind of missing someone i don't mind.

street view. parking through the wood doors for the building

front windows facing street
big front room. i really like the parquet floors.
fireplace in front room
kitchen!! super slick
lovin the curved hallway
looks brand new
a bedroom with view of trees
sunroom. J said this is where the washer/dryer will go. it's off the master & connects to kitchen also i believe [or living room]
the best for last..what an awesome view!


American Foodie in Gent said...

What a great house for visitors ha ha!! Thanks for watching the kids today-so much easier to get things done without them.

diana said...

Looks large enough for us to all come visit!!!! Have a blast,we will miss you.