last day...we'll miss you so much!!!!

before J&S head up north for a few weeks then way east to belgium. i was lucky & got to spend a little more time with them today. i guess these will be my last pics of the kids, for a little while at least. it's up to YOU J [i'm pointing at you]. no pressure LOL

all the pics below were taken with my new phone. i LOVE it! now that i have the micro sd card in the phone, it's super easy to put them on the computer. so much more fun then my old razr.

we'll miss you Monkey!! he's going to live with J's mom in WA & be spoiled. he's a great cat & totally deserves to be


American Foodie in Gent said...

How sad...We miss you guys already!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog. Thanks so much. If I ever take time to download all my pics, you'll see some more from June when I was out there. Love, Gramma Becky from FL