i admit it..i've caught a virus

my email seems to have been infected in the past couple days. i'm sorry if you get junk from me. i promise, right now i'm not sending any jokes or attachments out - i don't have a get rich scam - i'm not royalty from Nigeria - nor do i need to enlarge your penis or amp up your sex life.

please don't open any emails from my yahoo. if i send out email in the next wee, i will note in the subject "not infected"

the past couple days have been so nice to relax. i got a nice 3+ day migraine starting on wednesday nite, so we've been lying pretty low. tomorrow we don't have to work & actually get paid for it! i never get paid days off anymore except the 5 a year. gotta move to france or europe, they get so much holiday pay every year it's awesome.

have a great monday!

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v said...

Yikes. I know someone else who just got a bad virus. She just sent me an email that stated it wasn't infected too!