i think karma is working...

i was thinking about getting a snickerdoodle this am. the cafe usually is out after 9, so i went in before work. scanned the shelves & didn't see any. fortunately (karma-ickly?), there was a little bit of a line so i actually looked at the very bottom...there were the day olds. snickerdoodles! so not only did i get 1- i got 2; for the price of 1 (being "day olds").

i needed to schedule a dentist appointment. which means finding another dentist.
last one i had totally lied saying they were in my network, but weren't & i got billed,not worth a fight since the service was provided & the hygienist was the best i've ever had]
my guy before him, lets just say the last appointment i had about a year ago really had me not impressed.
i called one i found online, close to home with a couple good reviews. the lady who answered the phone was obviously rushed with something/one else, but was very professional. she took my name & info, called metlife to make sure they could take me, then called me back to let me know. she was aware xrays wouldn't be covered, due to the last place. which was good because: 1) they wouldn't try to make me get (& pay for) them knowing they weren't covered 2) i HAVE the xrays from the last place. they were sooo fancy there, they did them on digital - the whole mouth. i made them email it to me. i now have a jpeg to bring with me to the next place (episode) current xrays...see, i made sure & got something for the extra $$ they made me spend there. ;) i'm not that much of a push over.
appointment scheduled for next month.

i went to pick up my zomig for the month. got home & took them out of the bag. i started shaking, squealing, crying & stammering all at the same time. N was like what the fuck? finally, i was able to get out that the insurance company had finally ok'd me getting 9 pills a month!!!! for my $60 - top'o'the line copay. i've never had more then 6 allowed since it was introduced (about 10 years ago). this means that i should have just enough to cover me every month, without having to try to hoard some or get a couple of bad days with no pills.

good stuff.


Strayer said...

Hey Kate, I got on your site this time. Nice, your own domain!

HB Livin' said...

i was excited-since i bought it through google- i figured it'd be easy like blogger..but no. so i got frustrated and haven't tried in a while. it will be a weekend project i think. i'd really just like to get this on there but still be able to use blogger like some people have.

course i bought 2 actually since i spelled the first one wrong and once you hit submit it's yours..for the year at least. so that was a $10 lesson to me to slow down and recheck more. :)