what's my name? by the way..this is post 4HUNDO!!! it's a goodie.

Bee-yotch. E wanting to be...no NOT the Dr. Dre song [let it ride], though i love that beginning.

at least at work. my manager is gone so i get to "officially" do her stuff. unlike like "unofficially" every other day. where she rolls in after 11am, takes her hour + lunch & leaves before 6pm. rarely does she make it until i go (at 5pm). it's not like she's even sick or anything. usually she's working at her hubby's store, or getting a haircut, nails done, teeth whitened, shopping, finding flooring, meeting people for her house, buying a house, running/owning a college magazine, eating out, packing for trips, planning vacations, making "crafts" of any sort.... someday i know she'll have a job where she will have to work, so i don't stress about it. since i believe in karma & the eightfold noble path, my mind is at ease. the shady things i hear her do too. it is amusing to say the least.

i wouldn't mind if she worked when she was here more, paid more attention & stopped micro-managing me of all people. this is the first time i've ever (at 29+ yrs) been treated like such a toddler. [don't get me wrong, i love toddlers..to play with, but give me a break...]

every nite before i leave, i am required to email the tasks i've done that day. so does the receptionist. i'm not sure why. both our jobs are pretty obvious if we're not doing it. if she was so concerned about recpt not doing enough, she needs to make her do more. but she's to c.s. to do it. worst manager ever. i haven't said anything about this, but it was time to share it with the world. i.. am.. treated.. like..  you can fill it in here.
if i got a raise that might help soften the indignity.

she even says she gets migraines, proceeds to take advil & all of a sudden they are healed! hallieugh! it must be because she's mormon she has super powers. her migraines don't need an RX and are magically cured with over the counter pills. OMG

i may keep track of her hours for a month..or maybe the sketchy stuff she says/does and report back. so you can experience my pain. but that wouldn't be very Buddhist. darnit ;)


V said...

LOL. I like the last paragraph... It's a struggle. :)

diana said...

OMG - dont you just hate this crap in a manager. Sadly, this is probably more common than we know........