seed at camp...

not sure why we never made it across the street of "The Lab" until now. last weekend we went on a mini-excursion to find new places to look for xmas gifts. "The Camp" is right across the street from lab, but a world apart....

at "the lab" i feel weird. my jeans aren't skin tight, i don't look mood enough & neither of us put on make-up or nail polish. "the camp" on the other had, much the opposite. there it's more focused on people that like nature & free trade stuff, earth products to buy.


our parking space..they all have cool sayings & this is perfect for us.
look A--the jeep went on a trip!

self explanatory?

they have herb gardens there also... 4 big wooden boxes at this spot

light fixture..great idea for recycling bottles

wine bottle chandelier
lots of cool hidden chills spots

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V said...

Looks awesome! I love places like that.