up to our apartment, to get out of the rain..boom boom boom

i'm totally loving my newish phone. the camera function is so cool. i don't have to lug the big o'le digital around now. lol. just wanted to share that.

thursday nite we came home to a surprise. that morning tim had been acting odd- as in scratching at the wall &; an occasional yowl in the kitchen. we looked but didn't see anything so went to work. when we got home, i went into fill up a water bottle. there, in the corner of the counter...hiking up the wall, was a trail of little, black ants marching 1 by 1, hurrah  NOT!

i went in to cleaning dervish/dirvish mode. cupboards were ripped apart, the silverware was thrown into the dishwasher, baking goods/cupboard food thrown into the fridge [a la J style :)], counter top cleaned of all excess crap, dish towels/floor maps tossed & out came the oxy clean spray. the battle began with the spray & paper towels. we could see exactly where they were sneakin in at. it's been raining for about 2 weeks down here, so i wasn't surprised they had reached the second floor - looking for higher ground. [i wonder what the people below us had done, or nothing at all] N called our landlady ... who never called back. i woke up throughout the nite to continue battle in the kitchen. i'd left the light on [very hard for me & my electric wasting issues], so they couldn't sneak up. we saw a couple more in the morning, but haven't seen any sense. thank goodness!

BTW..the oxy spray had always left this odd residue, so i never really used it before, but it totally killed the ants! bleach water did nothing, but once the spray hit them they were done for. we sprayed it in all the cracks & crevices we could. this morning N noticed that in fact, it's an oxy product stain remover for clothing! no wonder it never "cleaned" the counters like i thought it should. LOL..but totally works on little black ant infestation!!

all this week, N has been bringing me home mini-crack[cupcakes]. folks at his work bring in miss priss cupcakes every once in a while. this week N brought home a couple a nite. OH MY GOD...so today to quench my addiction, we went to the store itself. right in long beach near the airport. the store is tiny, pink & smells delishious! it's the perfect little spot. got a dozen mini-cupcakes. i love them since you get the perfect 3 bite taste & can have 3-4 flavors in a sitting without feeling like a pig.

i think the lemon is my favorite, but the red velvet frosting is perfectly made cream cheese but not overpowering. then again the birthday cake is a classic, but peanut butter & jelly is crazy good..they also have a mint that was sold out when we got there. that's why you have to get them all!

top row--cookie dough, red velvet, pb & j
bottom row--heath bar, LEMON, vanilla sandwich cookie

stopped @ kean for lattes..look they did hearts aww special ;)

tim curl-up

hooka enjoying the rainbow afghan my mom made for my 11th? birthday

weez peaking through the blinds

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Strayer said...

Those cupcakes look Sooooo delicious! Making me hungry. I have ants too, in the summer, and its a constant battle. Borax mixed into powdered sugar is supposed to kill them because they eat and the borax, but that also is toxic to other animals should they eat it. Vinegar is supposed to repel them because it's an acid that can dissolve their chiton shell. Has never worked for me. Coffee grounds are supposed to destroy their scent trails which is how they march along, has never worked for me and who wants coffee grounds all over. Just like soapy water is supposed to keep spiders from creating webs where you don't want them, makes them not stick, but...has never worked for me.