the positive side...

of the bullying was i transferred to an awesome high school. i picked one based on the theory that even if my grades weren't too hot, the school itself would get me in somewhere. i got in the 2 places i applied, CWU & WAZZU. picked central since i knew if i went as far as pullman, no one would visit. :)

the teachers at my graduating high school were super supportive & kind. the students there were all different cultures (finally). everyone got along well. i hung out with the newspaper group, was president of  S.A.D.D., ended up cheering for the guys school senior year. i was the mascot every now & again. N was asking me about it & i remember the highlight. during catholic school week Martin Sheen visited our school! i wasn't on any government or clubs that would get a chance to meet him, but i had an idea. i asked the ASB group if i could be the mascot. i'd done it before & it was pretty fun, know one knew it was even me the first couple times. as i made friends, my absences from assemblies became more noticeable, so it got out.

my friends from my old high school i hung out with at dance & every weekend. i think it almost worked out better that i had "2 lives". the groups never mixed much, but that didn't matter. i had a great last couple years of high school...my best friends now are still the friends i had in grade school. they made it through all the crap with me :) i never expected any of them to try to defend me to the fatass, he would have torn into them to. freshman year is a extremely precious, tentative year for things to start out fantastically or horribly.

college, that was a hole nother trip. great fun! nothing on the downside.

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