Tom's Place & Abertsons cake...

N has visited a joint while out making work deliveries called Tom's Place. he brought back with him (the first time anyway :)) their home fries. i tried them, i wanted to go but it was a bit of a drive to either location. we set out one weekend day. over a river (santa ana), through the woods (Hamilton Ave), crossed a few freeways (55,91,57,5,22...?) to Tom's Place we drove. arrived a little late to discover they didn't serve breakfast in the afternoon. since then, i have learned to call ahead first!

a new Tom's opened super close to our house a few months ago. i wasn't sure it was the same brand, so i didn't really think about it. until...this morning. i woke up wondering. we checked online & it was part of the chain [of the same 2 other locations]. i called & they serve breakfast all day--until they close at 3pm on weekends. we went for our 9th "anniversary" brunch today.

i had the home fries (of course) & their french toast. the toast had the perfect amounts of cinnamon & powdered sugar on it so once the butter melted, it turned into it's own icing... N got a gyro & home fries. he almost finished the gyro too. i ate only one of my toasts, since i was solely concentrating on my potatoes.

another recent discovery i made was at Albertsons. they now have pre-packaged in the bakery "travel sized" cake. for $1.99 you can get vanilla, chocolate, red velvet & one or too more. i had vanilla w/lemon icing last week & hopefully they will have red velvet today..fingers crossed.

there was cake! see link for pic's...

contact info if you're interested. :)

the Home Fries..it's hard to do justice w/camera.

they are scalloped style cut. they dissolve in your mouth they are so fresh.
i think each serving "might" be a whole potato. healthy!!
not seasoned & lightly grilled. not weighted with oil.
my french toast. you can kind of see the yummy butter/cin/sugar icing in the center of the toast
i wish i took a picture of when they brought it, but i dove in too fast

the remnants of N's gyro.
it was typical giant gyro sized. lots of fresh tomatoes, red onion & sauce.

Red Velvet cake!!
N's German Chocolate cake

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