why to post...

why do i post?

usually to share something with friends & family near & far. to show a snippet of someone's "life" to others who may have things in common or just like too read.

i try not to complain in posts. as a buddhaist, u learn "complaining" is a waste of precisous energy when you can be learning. i also HATE listening to others. so if i'm in that mood, i won't post. as all things change, it too will pass.

i love to share food & trip stuff. due to lack of $, the trip pictures this year will be fewer :) but that is OK! we will travel again, we don't need to keep up with the joneses or anyone.

so, there u have it. i may be in a "mood" or just be too boring to post.

next week i finally go back to the surgeon to get my fistula fun scheduled. we've been in a holding pattern since i decided to do the surgery & my next apt.

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