No Go Honda Power...

N's 84 Honda Civic has been acting up for the past few months. my bro up in bham has been trying to help diagnose over the phone a few times a week after N trys "the next" thing. last weekend he did a few more upgrades & magically, it started. so happy N drove off. a few blocks away its stopped again.

he called me & i insisted he call AAA (since we have it). he wanted to push the car. i pointed out, i'm sure he'll have that opportunity at some future point, so why try to give yourself a hernia for no reason now? he called AAA, who messed up the first call. he was explaining the deal to a lady & his phone randomly hung up at the very end of the call, but he'd gotten the correct info & cross streets out. he called right back to make sure it was ok (phone worked fine the rest of the day) & the recording said the ticket had been issued. an hour later N called back to check.

the ticket had been ordered completely wrong. she heard we wanted a tow truck at our house to tow a car a "few blocks". then the ticket was cancelled when we weren't at the house, but no calls came. the next girl was really apologetic & fixed it right away. the phone call wasn't dropped & we got 3 confirmation auto calls before the truck arrived. what if it was at nite, rainy, sketchy place & we were relying on that first call out for help AAA?

he's got a couple more options left for this weekend (what a lucky guy). this week he's able to use my car. his jeep is running ok, but eats up the gas.

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