Welcome Eben Michael Persing & some good eats

Mike & Elisha had their first baby, a BOY yesterday 3/5/11. so exciting! he'll join Meeko cat & Rasta dog, along with mom & dad. we can't wait to meet him!

i had some pictures to share a whole ago, but just found them on my phone today. lunch at Tom's Place & a treat from IKEA. a favorite blogger of mine lives in belgium (other than J&S). she had mentioned this candy brand a little while ago. i saw some at IKEA and picked up a pack. i'm not a big chocolate fan but i do enjoy these. the carmel bits inside keep it perfectly balances. thanks belgian waffle!

N's club sammy & fries

my patty melt & side of delicious scalloped potatoes

patty melt w/potatoes inserted & ready to eat!

Daim! chocolate from IKEA..they have crunchy carmel bits in them.

TIM wrecking havoc in the tent

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