back to work & recovery help

starting on wednesday, i went back to work. part-time 10-3 this week then back to full time on monday. the mornings are definitely the hardest with the BM's and showering ect.. i've trained my body pretty well for early morning activity. next week i'll wake up about 5am to get it all "moving" in the right direction, so i can still get to work on time at 7:30.

my recovery help was from some special visitors i hadn't seen for a while. they came to town last week and we got to hang out friday, sunday & monday. i missed them.

what's in the mug?

this will be for his prom nite..camo band aid from his vaccine shot

checking on the neighbors

crawling one minute..walking the next!

whatch u looking at?

me & my "other" boy

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Strayer said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!