the Mighty Ducks...

not just a disney movie for me anymore.

sunday we went to our first hockey game. it was at Honda Center. if the Ducks had beaten the Stars, they would have clinched their playoff spot. now they have to win wednesday nite to get in.

steve didn't warn me about the long, 17 minute downtime between periods. oh, for the days of yore, when i could fit 3 cigs into that timeframe. there wasn't hardly any entertainment for the fans still sitting. the game itself was really fun to watch. boy, do they take lots of "breaks" & timeouts though.

some photos:

the venue



3rd Goal made

face off

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American Foodie in Gent said...

I forgot about the long intermission, hope it wasn't too painful sitting that long:( We had a great time with you guys and miss you already.